We'll take the hassle and the worry out of compliance for you.

Compliance is a necessary evil for last mile delivery businesses. Are you worrying that an unexpected audit could instantly result in a loss of business – or far worse? Can you guarantee that your drivers and vehicles are compliant at all times?

With UniQore's automated processes, we'll take the hassle and the worry out of compliance for you.

“The system has been brilliant for us...”

 “I had been searching for software that combines fleet management with driver safety and compliance for years, with very little that the marketplace could offer. The system has been brilliant for us as it provides the full suite of services that we had been looking for and has both delivered for us in terms of cost reduction and, crucially, cost mitigation.” 

Alan Connell, Managing Director, Go Green Deliveries

It's easy to get drivers and vehicles compliant - and stay compliant

Compliance for drivers

  •  Ensuring drivers are compliant is an essential part of on-boarding, but also periodically over time as documents need to be updated. UniQore automatically alerts you when certain documents are required, or an update is needed. This means you can be sure your drivers are compliant at all times.
  •  Because compliance relies so heavily on documentation, UniQore provides an organised way of managing those records. With just a few clicks you can access all those documents from a driver’s profile.
  •  Since penalty points can accumulate rapidly on a driver’s licence, periodic checking of licences protects your business against the possibility that a driver may have been disqualified for a private driving offence. Drivers are prompted through UniQore’s mobile app to complete a DVLA check. This can be set to whatever frequency you’d prefer. 

Compliance for vehicles

  • The overarching objective of fleet compliance is to ensure the safety of your drivers, your assets, and the public. All vehicles added to the UniQore system undergo frequent, strict checks to make sure they are always fully compliant.
  • Automated weekly checks for MOT and Road Tax ensures your business avoids fines and keeps your assets safe on the road. Compliance dashboards show you at a glance any expired documents and expiration dates – allowing you to budget for the year.
  • All vehicles associated with your business – owned or hired – must be in good condition and legal to be on the roads. Intelligent vehicle inspections as part of overall fleet management in UniQore ensures this is always the case.

Pricing starts from less than £1 per user/vehicle per week

Our standard pricing model includes up to 130 active users or vehicles. Any users or vehicles over 130 are only charged at £0.95 per week.