Driver app

Time to eliminate unnecessary conversations with drivers.

Communicating with drivers can be a bit of a mishmash of texts and calls. Are you wasting valuable time confirming availability and confirming routes with drivers on a day-to-day basis? Wish there was a better way to do things?

With UniQore, you can eliminate unnecessary conversations with a driver app.

“A true game changer for any logistics company...”

 “UniQore is efficient, user-friendly & integrated all our logistics needs into the one platform. A true game changer for any logistics company looking for a high level of control in their business.” 

John Speirs, Director, GTJ Logistics

Seamlessly link your drivers to your operations

Driver app features at a glance

Driver app features in more detail

Keeping drivers & vehicles safe

  • Safety scores are relayed to drivers daily through the mobile app. Scores are calculated using telematics integration and our advanced analytical software.
  • Drivers are prompted through the mobile app to complete a DVLA check. This can be set to whatever frequency you prefer. 
  • Vehicles inspections can be completed by drivers via the app – this completely eliminates the need for any paper records. 

Scheduling made easy

  • Drivers are prompted to advise their availability with just a few clicks in the app. This feeds directly into scheduling so you can see at a glance which drivers are available – saving you valuable time each day.
  • Mornings can be stressful for drivers. To make things really easy, once a route has been scheduled to a driver, all relevant information can be sent via the app the 24 hours before. Drivers simply confirm acceptance or are prompted to contact their manager.

Earnings & expenses checking

  • Drivers can look back at scheduling records on the app to cross-reference against invoices, ensuring they are paid correctly. 
  • Integrations with Fuel cards means that drivers can easily see any fuel charges to their cards in real time. This record allows them to cross-reference against invoices.

Pricing starts from less than £1 per user/vehicle per week

Our standard pricing model includes up to 130 active users or vehicles. Any users or vehicles over 130 are only charged at £0.95 per week.