Driver management

Effortlessly onboard, offboard... and everything in between

During peak, driver numbers increase rapidly. Can you quickly and effectively onboard those drivers, ensuring they are compliant at all times? Are you still managing details and documents in folders on your desktop or using a disconnected 3rd party platform?

With UniQore's driver profiles you can effortlessly onboard, offboard... and everything in between.

“UniQore provided everything we were looking for...”

 “During peak 2021, we identified early on that the systems we had in place did not give us the stability that we needed in order to continue to grow whilst maintaining a high level of compliance and organisation… We quickly realised that UniQore provided everything we were looking for and gave us the organisational control that we needed.” 

John Speirs, Director, GTJ Logistics

Managing your drivers doesn’t need to be painful

Driver Management features at a glance

Driver management features in more detail

One central location

  • All driver details and associated documents are stored in one central location. This means that everything you need to manage drivers can be accessed with just a few clicks.
  • With intelligent document tagging, documents are automatically stored in the right place when uploaded to the system or electronically signed by a driver.

Painless recruitment process

  • Onboarding drivers becomes effortless, with automated processes like DVLA checks eliminating the need for manual input.
  •  Dashboard helps you to see at a glance where there are gaps in driver information and documents.
  •  Paper documents and photocopies are a thing of the past as digital copies of documents can be uploaded to the platform.
  • Contracts and documents can be packaged and sent electronically, with drivers being able to e-sign then, saving valuable time.

Scale your business with ease

  • During peak times, driver numbers can rapidly increase. With UniQore, you’re well equipped to deal with the influx of new/returning drivers.
  •  Returning drivers can be swiftly processed, with details of contracts they’ve worked, how they’ve performed, and any previously assigned documents tagged and stored in a driver profile.
  • Compliance checks are automated – at the onboarding stage and periodically over time so you don’t need to worry about unexpected audits.

Pricing starts from less than £1 per user/vehicle per week

Our standard pricing model includes up to 130 active users or vehicles. Any users or vehicles over 130 are only charged at £0.95 per week.