Our story

Software created by people in logistics, for people in logistics

UniQore’s origins can be traced back to 2018, when AFS Logistics – a UK logistics company – commissioned the build of a unique software solution to help manage all the challenges faced by last mile delivery couriers.

In 2021, UniQore entered the market as the only all-in-one software solution to last mile delivery business.

Our vision

Help logistics companies to be better organised and reduce their operational costs. In turn, this enables drivers to be happier at their work.

Our mission

To create something unique that will transform the logistics industry, ultimately improving drivers’ experience.

Our values

It’s how we choose to run our business

People over tech

Even though we are a technology company, we exist to create a better environment for people. We believe that technology should be used to enhance people’s lives, not replace them.

Do the right thing

We want to help everyone do the right thing. Our software ensures that things are done ethically, and always with people at the core.

Benefits over features

Features are good, but only if they bring benefits to the user. We focus on fully understanding the pains of our users – it’s what drives our roadmap.

We’re in this together

We’re all equal and in this together. The backbone of our industry is the drivers – and their contribution should be recognised. By succeeding together, we can realise our full potential.

Our milestones

Here's our story so far

The big bosses

Who are you likely to meet?

Scott Goudie & Jamie Winchester

AFS Group Co-founders

Scott and Jamie are the founders of AFS Group. They started in 2016 as AFS Logistics, providing a last mile delivery service with 12 drivers and 12 vans, in just 1 depot. Their frustrations with the last mile delivery challenges, and the lack of a simple software solution to help manage them, is why UniQore exists today. 

Although there were many different software solutions on the market to help manage parts of their business, they quickly realised that there simply wasn’t one that could do it all. 

To scale and grow their business, they needed a solution that could help them: 

  • manage vehicles & drivers,
  • schedule effectively,
  • send accurate invoices,
  • reduce insurance premiums, and
  • stay fully compliant.

And so, the decision to build their own software came about. 

Visit AFS Group website

Klavs Grinvalds

UniQore Co-founder

Klavs is the technical wizard behind UniQore. He was approached by Scott and Jamie to build the AFS Logistics software in 2018. Prior to that, Klavs was working for Amazon in London.

In 2021, Scott, Jamie and Klavs took the decision to create a version of the AFS Logistics software solution which they could share with the logistics community. That solution is UniQore.

Review, revise and improve

UniQore isn’t an exact replica of the AFS Logistics software. While some of the foundations remain, the UniQore platform has been built from scratch, for 2 main reasons:

1. To make improvements

Technology is continually evolving and improving – and so is the logistics industry. Today, we know how to make things much better and faster than ever before.

2. To add new features

Not every business operates in the same way. To find out what other logistics companies needed to help improve their lives, we carried out extensive market research. Our roadmap is filled with exciting new functionality. Watch this space!

You’re in good company

Forward-thinking last mile delivery companies choose UniQore

Just one solution does it all

A purpose-built platform, solely for the logistics community. Ready to focus on growing your business?