Paying your drivers exactly what they're owed is easy-peasy.

Paying drivers exactly what they’re owed can be difficult due to unconnected scheduling systems and numerous amendments. Is payroll a total pain for you? Do you spend hours on payroll, manually inputting figures and wasting time?

With UniQore, payroll is linked to scheduling, so paying drivers is accurate, and easy-peasy.

“UniQore saves us hours each week...”

 “UniQore saves us hours each week when paying our drivers. The scheduling function automatically populates our backend office payment spreadsheet with accurate information, reducing the need to do it by hand.” 

Joseph Smith, Director, Blaze Logistics

Pay your drivers faster than ever before

Payroll features at a glance

Payroll features in more detail

Accurate payroll

  • With scheduling linked to payroll, you know your drivers will be paid exactly what they are owed. The payroll validation enables all scheduling activity to be cross referenced with what you believe drivers have worked – reducing the need for manual input.
  • We can integrate with your fuel cards, such as UK Fuel and FuelGenie. We link drivers to fuel card transactions in real time, which means you can see exactly when drivers are filling up and the amount. This removes any uncertainty when running payroll.
  • Integrations with Amazon and DPD Group validate expected payments against actual payments. Any discrepancies are clearly highlighted, enabling swift further investigations.

Automated payment plans

  • Payment plans can be easily set up against drivers to cover damage to assets, fines or advances in payments. The schedule to collect payments is totally flexible and can be tailored to individual plans.
  •  Payment plan schedules feed into payroll and are automatically added to the relevant driver’s invoice, so you can forget about it once set up.


  • Payroll services in UniQore are provided by TaxQore – a specialist team of accountants, so you’re in safe hands.
  • Following relevant payroll validations, all driver invoice amounts are populated into a local payment file. Once you’re happy, a simple click of a button generates the individual driver invoices, which are stored in UniQore. These invoices can be sent to drivers and marked due for payment as required. At this point TaxQore will advise you of the total amount due. On receipt of funds, TaxQore pays the individual drivers – saving you precious time and resources. 
  • In addition to the services it provides UniQore clients, TaxQore offers drivers 3 different packages to help manage their invoicing and tax affairs – from simply raising invoices on their behalf, through to managing all dealings with HMRC and filling VAT returns. For more information on these packages, visit

Pricing starts from less than £1 per user/vehicle per week

Our standard pricing model includes up to 130 active users or vehicles. Any users or vehicles over 130 are only charged at £0.95 per week.