Pricing starts from less than £1 per user or vehicle per week!

Pricing to suit your business

Whether you run a small Amazon 2.0 business with just a few routes, or if your operation is much larger and you work multiple contracts, UniQore can save your business money.

Even better, if your drivers use TaxQore to manage their tax affairs and invoicing, UniQore can be totally FREE to your business.

“Using UniQore has saved my business £500 per week! In terms of soft savings, it’s the equivalent of a full time job.”
Alan Connell, Managing Director, Go Green Deliveries

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Driver's app


Invoicing and tax management functionality available to drivers via TaxQore

Set up and

* Additional cost of £1.50 per envelope, excluding onboarding

** Additional hours charged at £50 per hour

*** 1GB per user/vehicle included. Additional GB charged in increments of 10GB, at £2 per 10GB, per week

Invoicing & tax services for drivers

Invoicing & tax service add-on packages

Our payroll function is provided by TaxQore. In addition to the services it provides UniQore clients, TaxQore offers drivers 3 different packages to help manage their invoicing and tax affairs. Visit TaxQore website>

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Add-on packages are charged per invoice on a weekly basis. If your drivers don’t wish to include any invoicing or tax services, they will still benefit from all the other functionality in the app e.g. managing availability, automated compliance checks, vehicle inspections. Pricing available on request. 


includes invoice generation


includes tax management


includes VAT management

Reinforcing the self-employment engagement with drivers

To help ensure that businesses remain on the right side of HMRC, many last mile delivery businesses pass the cost of the software/app to their drivers (in whole or in part). This model helps reinforce the self-employed nature of the engagement with their drivers.

Just one solution does it all

A purpose-built platform, solely for the logistics community. Ready to focus on growing your business?