Saving you hours of precious time. It's that simple.

Scheduling is complicated. Are you running multiple contracts with differing shift patterns and route planning? Are drivers texting you or calling you their availability? Is scheduling and managing driver availability on spreadsheets a total nightmare?

With UniQore, we've simplified the complicated, saving hours of your precious time.

“Everything at the click of a button!”

 “For us, life has become so much more organised since taking on this system, and I would implore anyone reading this to take it on. The scheduling is only one part of the UniQore system, so there are so many more features I haven’t even mentioned yet. The opportunities are almost endless with this feature, and it is always improving.” 

Liam Toye, Operations manager, Prime Parcel Services Ltd

Schedule all your drivers with just a few clicks

Scheduling features at a glance

Scheduling features in more detail

Automated driver availability & route confirmations

  • Drivers are prompted to advise their availability in the app. This feeds directly into the platform so you can see at a glance which drivers are available when scheduling.
  • Managers can send scheduled routes to drivers via the app 24 hours in advance. A further confirmation can also be sent in the morning to confirm the driver is on site.
  • Where your customer has no integration available to link to our scheduling, we’ve included functionality for drivers to input their route ID into the app. This feeds back to scheduling to ensure payroll is accurate.

Seamless Amazon integration

  •  UniQore integrates seamlessly with the Amazon Flex portal so you don’t need to schedule twice. And with a sync every 10 minutes, you can be sure it’s accurate.
  •  Morning confirmations to drivers via the app include space for additional information such as wave plans and times, if your manager wishes to relay this information.

Flexibility to add & make changes

  • Daily changes to schedules are unavoidable. Whether it’s changing driver availability, noting additional payments to drivers or if a driver has been given additional rescue routes, changes can be captured in real time on the platform. This ensures that when running payroll, drivers are paid exactly what they are due. And in instances when your customer may forget to make a note of changes, provides a back up.​

Pricing starts from less than £1 per user/vehicle per week

Our standard pricing model includes up to 130 active users or vehicles. Any users or vehicles over 130 are only charged at £0.95 per week.