New Feature...

- Invoices in driver app!

UniQore_New Feature


Introducing UniQore's Newest Feature

UniQore is continually evolving and improving – thanks to valuable customer feedback!

One request we received was that drivers were able to access their invoices directly from the Driver App…so now they can!

Invoices will continue to be emailed to drivers in PDF format so that they can download and store them for their own records.

Accurate Invoices

Automated driver invoicing is part of the payroll solution in UniQore. With UniQore, payroll is linked to scheduling, so paying drivers is both accurate , and extremely easy. 

Integrations with Amazon and DPD Group validate expected payments against actual payments. Any discrepancies are clearly highlighted, enabling swift further investigations. We also link drivers to fuel card transactions in real time, which means you can see exactly when drivers are filling up and the amount. This removes any uncertainty when running payroll.