Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say.

“The UniQore system is a real game changer for our business. I had been searching for software that combines fleet management with driver safety and compliance for years, with very little that the marketplace could offer. The system has been brilliant for us as it provides the full suite of services that we had been looking for and has both delivered for us in terms of cost reduction and, crucially, cost mitigation.

While there are systems that can provide a selection of services, UniQore is the only dynamic software that combines everything that we needed and gives significantly more functionality than we expected. It has become the foundation for many of our business decisions. 

The support we have received from the team has exceeded our expectations as they have worked with us to understand our business and have been a real pleasure to deal with both in terms of their professionalism, but also their knowledge and understanding of our needs. I could not rate this product and company high enough, a gold standard service and industry leading product.”

Alan Connell, Managing Director, Go Green Deliveries

“One of main attributes with the scheduling is how simplified it can be. The quick assign feature saves so much time when using it to build a rota, sending out day confirms or adding in bulk uploads on various services if adding in shifts. Either way, these actions can be completed in a matter of minutes. You can also edit, delete, or add on functions in an individual cell by simply right clicking it and selecting the appropriate action.

Another main attribute for me is how simple life is for both myself and my OSMs regarding payroll. All paid services from our Amazon contract pull through automatically on the scheduling section, which in turn appears at the payroll validation section. If we have any additional payments needing added, the OSM just right clicks the appropriate cell in scheduling and selects the additional pay option from the drop-down menu. This has cut out more manual each cell to give you more visuals on reasons for drivers being absent.

The development team are also very helpful when contacted and are willing to take on board any suggestions we have regarding adding/editing features to improve our own personal use of the scheduling.

For us, life has become so much more organised since taking on this system, and I would implore anyone reading this to take it on. The scheduling is only one part of the UniQore system, so there are so many more features I haven’t even mentioned yet. The opportunities are almost endless with this feature, and it is always improving. The guys are always getting feedback and looking to make the improvements on the feature so that for me is priceless. 

Liam Toye, Operations Manager, Prime Parcel Services Ltd

“During peak 2021, we started to see a rapid growth in our business. We identified early on that the systems we had in place did not give us the stability that we needed in order to continue to grow whilst maintaining a high level of compliance and organisation.

We started looking at solutions but when UniQore was suggested to us, we quickly realised that it provided everything that we were looking for an gave us the organisational control that we needed.

UniQore is efficient, user friendly & integrated all our logistics needs into the one platform.

A true game changer for any logistics company looking for a high level of control in their business.”

John Speirs, Director, GTJ Logistics

“UniQore saves us hours each week when paying our drivers. The scheduling function automatically populates our backend office payment spreadsheet with accurate information, reducing the need to do it by hand.”

Joseph Smith, Director, Blaze Logistics

“UniQore has helped our business consolidate all of our fleet management into one place. The system seamlessly integrates scheduling and safety, which has reduced overall man hours by automatically notifying us of safety events, as well as producing a niche scoring system that allows us to coordinate our goals more effectively. I wish we had this years ago! our fleet management overall has improved greatly with a one-click no-hassle system. All of our vehicles are accessible in the same place across multiple sites, with full visibility and transparency.”

Steven Keogh, Regional Manager, GPS Logistics

“UniQore has cut my admin time down substantially. It’s now literally a few clicks and payroll is done. I came to UniQore and initially the platform was more aimed towards integration with the big names in the parcel industry, however Klavs and his team have developed a system for my business to suit our needs with no integration. It’s not just an off the shelf piece of software, our system has been built to suit, with various different contracts we have, making it a more complex system.

Our drivers appreciate the detailed invoice showing daily earnings & any deductions, making payments super clear. Previously, we spent hours trying to work out invoices – now, providing we’ve input the correct data, invoices are now simple & quick to process. 

I look forward to future updates of the system.”

Graeme McNab, Director, MF Logistics

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